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About Us

We organize missions for startups to get mentoring and participate in key events.

Startups Entrepreneurs

Post-seed startups, with a sellable

product or in launch phase

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Industry experts with

proven track-record

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In the form of Sponsors, Potential clients, Startup HUB/Accelerators etc.

our Past Missions

The first (TPO) sessions took place in Nairobi and Kampala in 2019, where a few hundreds of entrepreneurs gained the needed skills into improving their investor pitch and leverage their ideas.

Since then, we’ve expanded to Mozambique, Côte d’Ivoire and Nigeria

Matteo Rizzi in Nairobi

How To Pitch Your Start Up – Nairobi

Friday and Saturday 1st and 2nd November, 2019

Matteo Rizzi in Kampala

How To Pitch Your Start Up – Kampala

Wednesday 6th November, 2019

Matteo Rizzi in Maputo

How To Pitch Your Start Up – Maputo

Saturday 15th February, 2019

Matteo Rizzi in Abidjan

How To Pitch Your Start Up – Abidjan

Thursday 25th November, 2021

Let’s show you a sample of the speakers we can mobilize

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